Executive’s Message

Thank you for choosing Sangji International Corporation

We, Sangji International Corporation, have started our business in 1996 and have making food container, packing/wrapping materials, Take-out products and more. In 2003, we made the first Bio-degradable products and we are proudly exporting/supplying our eco-friendly products in several markets. We have a mission of keeping green environment by producing eco-friendly products for future generations.

From the beginning, we set out our goal of customer priority. Customer satisfaction, healthy business partnership, and environmental movement are our ultimate goals. Instead of a rigid, classical business relationship, we expect a long-term, friendly partnership with you. And the partnership is based on trust, transparency, and communication. We care more about you through continuous research and development because you are our future.

Sangji International is committed to become an evolutionary market leader to be the best, rather than be better. With creative and innovative ideas, we are confident to be the best. We hope every individual can share the benefits because we feel a strong sense of social responsibility. Thank you.

Chief Executive Officer: Youngkyu Park